Welcome to a synopsis of the freakishness and fun that is The Secret Cabaret

Meet some of the TSC crew...

MC Beaver Cleaver

The back-bone of the show and prankster extraordinaire, MC Beaver Cleaver is your tour guide through the world of The Secret Cabaret. Prone to the odd hit to the head, Beaver Cleaver battles the mayhem back stage but against this back drop of adversity manages to keep patrons wetting themselves. Mop please!

Sonic Dominator

Head of lighting and audio, Sonic Dominator also moonlights on stage with his good friend MC Beaver Cleaver for antics a plenty. Responsible for many of the shenanigans on and off stage, Sonic Dominator has been known to freak the odd patron out...but that's The Secret Cabaret after all. Balaclava please!

Gemma Pie

Sultry stage hand and arse-kickin' door bitch to boot, Gemma pie helps make the magic happen back stage. But don't try and get past her at the door without paying....she's rough...and likes it. Rope please!

June 2004- Season opening, Wesley Anne Northcote

The season opener was a big one and a full house anticipated the return of The Secret Cabaret for another season. And what a line up to start the season with the Fresh Sox B-Boy crew doing they're thang. Contact juggling aficionado Rueben Helfenbaam took the audience on a magical journey of mime, circus and performance art with 'Chasing dreams'. Patrons squirmed when Asher Treleavan took the stage and showed us all the benefits of sticking a fork up your nose...amongst other things. And to rock the show to a conclusion the terrible twosome Djinn and Vyvyan blew the crowds socks off with the fire poi and fire breathing battle 'Can you top this?'. What a way to start the season.

Northcote Leader

July 2004- Wesley Anne Northcote

Guest MC Vyvyan PyroBeeeyatch

June's show was topped, and i mean TOPPED, CAKED and SNOTTED by the fire goddess herself Melissa aka Zefirah.   There was also some fruity mouthfuls of the obscene, hilarious flavor for the poets amongst us, is Rupert da Costa e Silva, and Sonia Tapperappera's industrial tap-dance, wog-homie-girl style, plus her extreme sport sexpot hula hooping...seriously! Cath stole jewellery from people and regurgitated strings of pearls, and Aradia pulled another gem out of her insane repertoire of dance styles with a soulful gypsy-dervish dance. Djinn and Vyvyan were on a strict diet of fire that night and had a rather hot date....teehee. She really tried to set his sideburns on fire like she did at the Lido last year but alas, it just wouldn't look like an accident.

August 2004- Wesley Anne Northcote

August was the cultural show of the season as we went French, but Jerry Springer style as Ms Josephine and MC Beaver Cleaver got into a hilarious domestic, Vyvyan nearly gave Djinn a trim with a fireball at the end of Can You Top This ( cos she still cant beat his poi) and Aradia totally topped the show with her gold and shimmering PVC-ified sword dance. Brian Catch's contact/juggle/devil sticks show defied the boundaries of ligament-pulling and humbled all us circus nuts, inspiring countless more practice hours of lounge room wall-marking, accidental crockery breaking and light globe smashing. Then Hazel Bock, insane juggler of dynamic proportions, did that thing...with her feet...

September 2004- Wesley Anne Northcote

September's Secret Cabaret  featured the Amazing Goldeeeeeni,  an operatic, potty-mouthed Pavarotti, and his beautiful side-kick, who was hypnotized into believing she was Maria Callas...complete with Arias, Acrobatics and Absurdity. Fire-goddess Zefirah will present her latest offering, Cath Jamison will attempt to cut off an audience member's...member and we got us some live banjo-reggae-folk fusion for the finely tuned ears amongst us. Plus a bit of this and a bit of that..as always, the line-up is always a surprise...but guaranteed, always mesmerizing.

October 7th 2004- Melbourne Fringe Festival Special Event

The packed house and line down High street was a give away that this TSC was a little special. Why?...coz on offer was a selection of crowd favourites from the Winter season, returning to the stage for the first of the special Melbourne Fringe Festival shows. We saw the return of contact juggling freak Brian Catch and the tap dancing feet of  Sonia Taparappara. Rupert De Costa paid us a visit too and spun a poetic tale or three while the amazing Aradia gave the crowd a demonstration of precision sword dancing. Fringe will never be the same.

October 8th 2004- Encore show for Melbourne Fringe Festival    

After a huge season ender the demand by punters was so strong we just had to do it one more time...& we did. Hot Date returned for the last time and Djinn and Vyvyan got a bit hot and heavy. Bec Cooen entranced the room with her stunning Candle Contortion while Hazel Bock's foot juggling knocked us off our feet. Cath Jamison messed with our minds once again and Zefirah's Fire Trilogy fire show was the perfect way to see off an amazing season. Can't wait to do it all again.

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