Melbourne Corporate Entertainment Specialists in Fire Performance

FireWorks are leaders in supplying exhilarating fire shows to the Melbourne corporate entertainment, wedding entertainment and special events industries utilizing the very best fire performers, fire circus, fire dance and sideshow acts available.

With a wide selection of solo and duo shows, group stage spectaculars, podium acts and roving entertainment, we have a show for any event. 90% of our performances are staged indoors, and no-one has more runs on the board at this difficult task than our crew.

Don't chance it at your next event! Use only the best...this is why.

  • 18 year, 2000+ performance, incident free record.

  • Extensive experience performing at many of Melbourne and Australia’s top events and venues.

  • Reputation for high energy, high impact shows as well as our attention to production, props and staging.

  • Satisfied client list containing many of the top 250 companies and major events in Australia.

  • Honours including a Crown Casino preferred artist status, Cirque du Soleil artist database listing and Victorian State library archiving for cultural significance.

  • Accolades from an audience of over 1,000,000+ Australia wide.

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   Solo and Duo Shows  

Check out our selection of stage shows that are well suited for all events including corporate entertainment, birthday entertainment, bar mitzvah entertainment, wedding entertainment, festival entertainment through to party entertainment. FireWorks presents a number of affordable, high quality, fully choreographed fire shows. Some of these include:

The oldest and most dangerous of the fire arts, fire breathing and fire swallowing have been around since the dawn of civilization. Nothing quite compares to the explosive force of a fire ball streaming into the air, a force you can not only see, but feel...

If this show was a pizza, you could say it has 'The Lot'. It's available as a solo or duo show and you get the fire breathing and fire eating combined with fire dance all in the one package. Djinn and Vyvyan play, lick, eat and co-noodle with the fire to execute seemingly impossible feats. They get the audience involved while they dare each other to perform more and more dangerous stunts. The audience's reaction to these real-life human dragons is as spectacular as the stunts themselves!

Circus inspired costuming and  make up designs are combined with stunning visual effects such as Fire breathing, Fire eating, Fire Staves, Fire Poi and Fire Maces.

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The good old days of the side show are back and so are the cringe-factor acts that made people squeam and squirm.

Renowned for it’s extreme fireballs and daredevil antics as either a solo with assistant or duo format, the Freak show takes the audience on a dicey ride that may or may not end up in tears….of joy naturally.

In the Freak show a number of dangerous acts are on show such as Fire swallowing, Fakir (body transfer and trailing), Fire breathing, Angle grinding and the ever popular Bed of Nails. Throw in a bit of circus tomfoolery and you have a show that confounds and delights with thrills, chills and down right madness.

The Bed of Nails is one of those acts that just seems wrong and when you see the antics that happen on it flesh piercing surface, you could be right. But include performing other dangerous acts, being walked upon and even being stood on, then you have a nail biting and squeamy display of will power.

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Photos: Ian Turner, I&J Photographics

   Feature Stage Shows  

FireWorks have developed many unique and cutting edge theatrical spectaculars that are perfect for a dynamic opening, or a mind-blowing finale. Choose from a selection of standard 3, 4 and 5 piece fire performer shows which present most every fire skill in the FireWorks repertoire. These standard shows are perfect as corporate entertainment or wedding entertainment where a large, high impact show is required. They can have a number of elements added for even greater impact. These additions are:

  • On-stage fire effects and structures- Flaming cauldrons, walls of flame and fire emblems.

  • Theatrical pyrotechnic effects- Stage effects and explosions like found in a rock concert.

  • Live percussion- African, Afro Cuban and Middle Eastern beats for a tribalistic feel.

  • Aerial firework display finale- Finish off a show with massive fireworks display in the sky.

Like a descent into a carnival in hell, audiences are submerged in a sweltering frenzy of fire circus and dance.

Erebus welcomes you with fiery fun and games before launching into a fire storm of swirling flames and radiant fire balls. In keeping with the temperature on stage, Erebus is choreographed to a scorching soundtrack that fused together, produces the ultimate fire experience.

High energy with a furious pace, Erebus makes the perfect memorable opening or grand finale and is guaranteed to leave an impression. Just ask anybody who has been in the front row of a show!

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Secret Cabaret - Melbourne Corporate Entertainment

"Dark and twisted comedy, seductive dance, hip hop shenanigans, strangely romantic freaks and hardcore circus"

The Secret Cabaret can only be described as a trip back to the days of the circus sideshow with a touch of Vegas thrown into the mix.

The Secret Cabaret has, dance, circus, comedy, music, freak show and many other elements that are great for corporate entertainment. With many unique acts devised by the Fireworks creative team, The Secret Cabaret is the cutting edge in live entertainment today.

"A heady mix of danger, artistry and freakishness" - The Age

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   Roving Entertainment  

Tired of boring parties? Spice up your night and inject it with interactive fun, movement, and energy that will make your night one to remember. Many guests will savour the intimate and personal approach of roving that creates a carnival side show atmosphere.

Paint the night with fiery patterns of stunning intricacy. Our fire dancers use equipment such as fire eating wands, fire palms, fire staves, fire poi's, fire fans, fire snakes, fire maces and fire swords; to create a feast for the eyes. We bend, twist and weave seamlessly through your guests and leave a trail of ardent admirers.

The guests can feel the heat of the fire, watch the swallowing of fire up close and ask questions about almost anything! Fire dancing is a big hit for 'meet and greet' occasions. It fills the night with colour, excitement and mystique for at any event.

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Don't let the cold ruin your next party. Keep your guests warm with fire eating and raging fire balls!

The advantage of roving entertainment is that your guests can get close to the action and excitement. So close in fact... they can feel the heat and smell the burning whiskers. Our performers are experienced veterans in fire breathing amongst the public. Keep your eye out for their patented landing strip, mushroom cloud and boccincini fire ball breathing tricks.

The fire balls shoot into the sky like a beacon and mark your event from blocks away. Crowds of people will swarm to your door and be warmly welcomed to your event.

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Angle Grinding creates a huge volley of sparks and light that can be aimed in all directions. Our angle grinding performers wear custom designed costumes with special plates on their arms, legs and body.

They grind on these areas - dangerously close to the anatomy - for the audience's pleasure. One of our most popular crowd pleasing antics is where the performers bend over and shoot sparks out of their back-sides. The performers grind in time with the music and get into cheeky character.

Angle grinding is a great podium act, is an integral part of our freak show and makes a great addition to a fire show. Industrial, freak and tradesman/women themes available.

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Ever had a Gypsy read your cards? Be entertained and entranced with forecasts of your future. With many years of experience and highly attuned skills, Fortune Telling makes for a highly entertaining and unique addition to your event.

Theming is supplied so you can set them up anywhere and be guaranteed that they will look the part. With special decks and readings for teens and children, Fortune Telling engages people from all ages, from all walks of life.

Bring the magic of tarot and fortune-telling to your audience for an experience that will entertain, amaze and get everyone talking!

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Auditions are held at the Albert Park Studio for 'The Secret Cabaret' and staple FireWorks employment. If you’d like to audition, please contact Chris for more information on 0417 036 324.

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