Attention!...Fire is Dangerous

Before you book a fire performance or pyrotechnics show, we advise that you ask the provider for a Code of Practice on safety procedures. A Code of Practice should cover the supply of safety personnel and fire control equipment. You must also request proof of public liability insurance that covers you and the general public.

FireWorks Dance Company guarantee the supply of licensed pyrotechnicians, Code of Practiceinsurance coverage, site checks, safety equipment & staff, back-up support and OH&S assessments; as necessary for every booking.

Fire performance can be dangerous....Safety is everything....No one does it safer than FireWorks

Appearances can be deceiving. FireWorks is about serious performance, safety and success and has an unrivalled and unblemished record to support that claim. Our impressive history of major events, extensive client list and vast experience in major venues, supports our claim to being Australia's longest established, most successful and respected fire performance troupe.

Risk Assessment For an assessment of your venues suitability to host a fire performance or pyrotechnic display, ask the FireWorks crew for an expert appraisal.


Nothing beats a fire show for hard-hitting impact that gets the audience’s adrenalin running. But… remember that even though a fire show is an inspirational choice for entertainment, you need to take several considerations and requirements in to account.

Naturally, the presence of flame brings up safety issues. So, getting into the nitty-gritty of whom, where and how is important to address; before deciding to book a fire performance. The following information equips you with the knowledge to make an informed choice about your fire performance. A list of relevant concerns are provided to address any misconceptions and anxiety that comes with such a decision.

Armed with this information you’re more likely to receive entertainment that’s safe, successful and spectacular.

General Safety

Public liability insurance- Industry standard $20 million cover is provided for all participants. Fire performance and/or pyrotechnic displays are potentially hazardous to person and property. Liability is be covered by the performer or pyrotechnician.

Fire control measures- Various fire control methods and personnel are on stand-by throughout a fire performance and/or pyrotechnic display. Protective matting, covers and buffer zones are provided if required. Extinguishing equipment is on stand-by throughout a fire performance and/or pyrotechnic display.

Trained safety staff- For indoor and high-risk performance situations, trained safety staff are supplied to deal with any fire hazard or crowd control issues. They will act if any hazard arises during a fire performance and/or pyrotechnic display.

Buffer zones- Fire performance and/or pyrotechnic displays require a buffer to ensure crowd safety. Fire performances require a minimum 3 metre buffer and pyrotechnic displays require anything between 3 to 100 metres buffer depending on the effect used. The appropriate buffers will be enforced before a performance and/or display activities begin.

Site hazard identification- A site check is the best way to identify whether a venue is suitable or needs modification. This is applicable to indoor performances in particular. A site check is performed to assess and eliminate any identifiable hazards.

Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment- Where required an OH&S Assessment may need to be submitted before approval of a performance and/or pyrotechnics display. FireWorks Dance Co. is experienced in assessing, completing and submitting the necessary documents.

Industry regulation- FireWorks Dance Co. fully adheres to government authority regulations in regards to fire performance and/or pyrotechnic displays.

Specifications for indoors

Venue co-operation- A venue’s approval and co-operation is vital to ensure that arrangements progress smoothly and easily. Venue approval will always be sort and concerns accommodated if possible. However venue approval is not guaranteed and must be in place before any booking can be finalized.

Venue suitability- A venue should have adequate ceiling height, clear available space and be away from traffic areas for the proposed performance and/or display. An assessment of each venue on its own merits will be made to verify venues suitability.

Smoke detectors or alarms- Many smoke detectors connect to sprinkler systems and can be activated during a performance and/or display. Also some systems connect to the local fire fighting service and false alarms can incur a hefty fine. Smoke detectors will be isolated or turned off to ensure that no false alarms occur. In the event it is required, the local fire brigade will be notified of the proposed activities and location and in the case of an emergency, alerted.

Ventilation- Some smoke may be produced during a fire performance and/or pyrotechnic display. Air-conditioning or open windows and doors will be used if ventilation concerns arise. The smaller the venue, the greater the need for ventilation.

Flammable items- A proposed indoor fire performance and/or pyrotechnic display will only occur if the area is clear of drapery, furnishings and other potentially flammable items. Potentially hazardous fixtures or furnishings will be removed from the area, especially if the item is at risk of fire damage.

Specifications for outdoors

Weather- Fire performance and/or pyrotechnic displays are highly weather dependent. Strong wind and hot conditions may place person and property at risk of fire damage. An indoor alternative or sheltered outdoor option will be considered to overcome these problems if available. However if no alternative can be found, a fire performance and/or pyrotechnic display will be cancelled.

Total fire bans- T.F.B. can be issued by the Fire Authority, and means that a fire performance and/or pyrotechnic display cannot be performed outdoors. To overcome this, a Fire Authority Permit will be applied for (there’s no guarantee of approval), or the performance should be moved indoors if possible. However if a permit can not be obtained, a fire performance and/or pyrotechnic display will be cancelled.

Beware of imitators, biters and back-yard operators!


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