Pyrotechnics, Fire effects and Installations

Over the years FireWorks Dance Company has designed, developed, constructed and staged many fire sculptures, fire signs, props, pyrotechnic displays and visual effects. From small, hand-held effects to stadium size fire and pyrotechnic creations, all add a punch that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor events.

We offer pyrotechnics and fire sculptures as additions to all shows. Over a decade of experience in combining fire art and pyrotechnics has given FireWorks the well founded reputation as a leader of this difficult and dangerous presentation, both in innovation and safety. With a wealth of experience and an unblemished record, our team provides the amazing spectacle of fire performance and pyrotechnics with the peace of mind you need.

Pyrotechnics or fireworks are a high light at an event or of any production. Large aerial displays, theatrical shows and special effects are all available and can be added to our range of fire performance shows if desired. Some of the effects that can be used include Flame pots or Fireballs, Fountains or Gerbs, Mines, Pyrotechnic signs, flash effects and a large variety of  shells for outdoor aerial displays.

All insurance, risk assessments, permits and trained staff are provided as required on all displays. Events pyrotechnics are ideal for include:

  • Outdoor fireworks displays

  • Stage show effects for theatre and music acts

  • Film and TV special effects

  • Chinese New Year celebrations

  • Product launches

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Fire signs and sculptures use fire to create a design which is lit to reveal the design. The flames are real fire, in natural flame or coloured flame if desired. Fire effects can vary but commonly have a burn time of up to 10 minutes. Fire signs are re-usable and the effect can be replicated over and over again. Although primarily an outdoor effect, fireworks and fire signs are safe to use in some indoor environments however they still release some noxious gases and should be used primarily outdoors. Some options available include:

  • 2D and 3D, vertical or horizontal event installation

  • Stage show effects

  • Film and TV effects

  • Ceremonial pyres

  • Logo, name and text display

  • Pictorial display

  • Coloured flames available

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