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FireWorks is often in the media, featuring in newsprint, TV and film. The coverage gives our audiences a glimpse into the world of FireWorks...and it's crazy crew.

Coxy's Big Break- January 2014

Coxy's Big Break visited FireWorks once again, this time for a trip around the world and a look at Polynesian dance in particular. Flying all the way to the beaches of Fiji (despite looking like St. Kilda in Melbourne) Coxy and Djinn lit up their Poi and had a chat about it's origins.

Jetstar Commercial - May 2011

With Jetstar breaking in to the booming Asian market, the wonders of Melbourne were captured in this commercial that was shown around Asia throughout 2011. Naturally Melbourne's fiery delights were required for the commercial, so Djinn was called in to light up the river edge. Here is the result.


The Shtick - January 2011

Amongst the many Jewish community events that FireWorks perform at throughout the year, Channel 31's 'The Shtick' captured a small part of a performance Djinn did in December 2010. The clip is unfortunately at the end of the segment so it might be worth skipping through.



Coxy's Big Break- August 2009

Channel 7's Coxy's Big Break came down to our Albert Park studio to have a look at our Fire Skills Workshops. Along with having a look at the workshops in detail, Coxy himself got in on the act and soon had him playing with fire for a bit of a challenge.

Rove Live- February 2005

Djinn guest starred as pyro-wrangler as Rove launched yet another ridiculous stunt, this time involving searching Melbourne for the ugliest wedding dress, which was then doused in fuel and set alight, by and arrow fired from a compound bow! The owner of the truly ugly dress was well compensated and Melbourne's fashionistas heaved a sigh of relief after witnessing the monstrosity's destruction.

Triple J with John Saffran- October 2004

John invited Djinn, Vyvyan & snakey Atum into the studios to chat about The Secret Cabaret and to freak out the nation with  some..err...stories and ..creatures!

    4ec8.jpg (32142 bytes)
My Restaurant Rules- May 2004

The flambé jokes really got a work out when Boosparkle & Djinn starred on My Restaurant Rules. Seven Stones was up for eviction and FireWorks was called upon to liven up the party.

   boo at my restaurant.jpg (80311 bytes)
Take Away- August 2003

Djinn made a guest appearance in Aussie comedy Take Away. There were lots of  laughs on set, as you could imagine with the likes of Rose Byrne, Vince Colosimo, Stephen Curry and Dave O'Neill.

takeaway small.jpg (57360 bytes)
Queen of the Damned- April 2002

Vyvyan, Djinn and Aradia were called up by the makers of 'Q of the D' to weave some fire for their cameras. There isn't many times we feel under dressed for a gig, but when your surrounded by 400 odd Goths in full vampire garb, it becomes hard to stand out. Check out Vyvyan's close ups in the rock concert scene.

    Qof_the_D1.jpg (22715 bytes)
Marry Me- March 2002

FireWorks were called on for a performance on the channel 9 TV series, Marry Me. Along with a surprise show, the episode featured one of our fire sculptures. An interesting way to propose...

    fire_sign_marry.jpg (69673 bytes)

View episode

Holden Astra Commercial- January 2001

Djinn and Vyvyan brought out the heavy artillery for this one! A stiff southerly made for huge fire balls, all shot in 3D at the filming of a commercial for the launch of the new Holden Astra.

kerriat_holden2.jpg (23043 bytes)    chris_at_holden.jpg (20408 bytes)
Music Video shoot- October 2000

Djinn, Aradia, Lou Lou and a couple of camels performed on the video clip  for Jimmy Christou's single 'Rainbow Eyes' on Mushroom Records.

chris_and_jimmi_rainbow.jpg (169583 bytes)    chris__batons_rainbow_1.jpg (247857 bytes)

And in the Press...

Herald Sun- July 2014

Australia's Commonwealth Games team had many new faces including Lawn Bowls star Carla Odgers, who agreed to 'burn up' the turf for the Herald Sun. FireWorks was called in to create some fire magic for the shoot and help save the manicured grass. Here's the result.


Herald Sun- June 2014

The Melbourne Vixens Netball team faced a monumental task to wrestle the 2014 Championship from their rivals but with a bit of 'flamin' motivation from Djinn, the girls showed their class and won.

The Herald Sun were there to catch all the action so check out the article by clicking the photo link.

Knox Leader- March 2014

FireWorks beginners workshops have come to the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and the Know Leader dropped by to have an in depth look at what's going on in Wantirna South.


Herald Sun- May 2013

Take a couple of angle grinding freaks, add a massive steam train, and have one of the best photo journalists in the country...what do you get? One of the most amazing shots taken this year and one that the Herald Sun couldn't say no too, plastering it all over theirs and many other News Ltd. publications. A special thanks to David Caird for the amazing shots.

MX- January 2013

With a new term of beginners workshops coming up, MX decided to do an article and a photo shoot to boot. The word went out to graduate students and some of the best there has been came down and fired up for the camera.

Standing Room Only by Linda Bee- May 2010

The busking scene in Melbourne is renowned for having the best collection of local and international street performers, bringing the life to the city that all residents and visitors, know and love. Despite this, the Melbourne busking scene has never been looked at in-depth and the characters introduced to the wider public. Standing Room Only is the first book to delve into world of busking and talk to the people that inhabit the thoroughfares of old Melbourne town and find out the stories that have led all to this unique profession. For a copy of Standing Room Only email



Wangaratta Chronicle- September 2009

The citizens of Wangaratta turned out in force for the opening of their new performing arts centre and the Chronicle was there to catch all the highlights of the official event. FireWorks was there with a huge fire show and massive pyrotechnics display fired from the new centres roof. A crowd favourite was the Pyrorhythmic fire show which set off the spectacular opening to the centre.

Port Phillip Leader- November 2008

Term 4 workshops were extra special this time round as FireWorks was celebrating it's 200th student enrolment and Pt. Phillip Leader came down to our studios to cover the milestone. Zefirah showed them a bit of what was in the coarse and the photographer got close enough to singe his eyebrows.

Emerald Hill Weekly- October 2008

FireWorks celebrated it's 10th birthday in 2008 and an extra special party was held in St. Kilda to mark the unique occasion. Emerald Hill Weekly covered the event and the public were invited to come down and witness the fiery antics from the FireWorks crew, special friends and even fans.

Mackay Midweek- July 2008

Zefirah made a special appearance to kick off the 2008 Mackay Festival of Art and lit up the sky of North Queensland. The Mackay Midweek was there to capture the action and produced a colourful article with an memorable front cover that the locals will long remember.

Shepparton News- February 2008

The Shine Youth Festival was in full swing again with FireWorks making a special appearance. The Shepparton News saw the opportunity to showcase some of the features of the festival and once again the front cover was adorned with fiery pics.

Photos care of the Herald Sun and David Caird.

Beechworth News - November 2007

The Beechworth Celtic Festival celebrated in true pagan tradition when part time FireWorks performer Tjoni, brought the eternal element of fire to the street parade. Locals raved as did the local press.

MX - July 2007

Winter was celebrated by the city of Melbourne with a massive Fire n' Ice festival down at the fabulous Docklands precinct. Fireworks put on a huge fire show complete with fire sculpture and ice carvings. It was the perfect event for those who like it hot and cold.

Main Event Magazine- June 2007

Events industry publication, Main Event, featured FireWorks in it's June addition. With such a prominent place in the events industry, FireWorks was an ideal subject for Main Event and they put together an amazing 3 page spread to remember.

Herald Sun - March 2007

The 2007 Moomba Waterfest kicked off with an amazing fire and pyrotechnic river display with a collection of Melbourne's elite fire community. Herald Sun scored one of the hot pics of Zefirah in action which really captured the intense nature of the show.

Herald Sun - September 2006

With a decision pending in the Melbourne City Council concerning the question of dangerous acts performing in the CBD, Chris's views were sought by the Herald Sun for the performers view. Lets hope we get to bring fire back to the city centre.

Knox Leader - March 2006

FireWorks was a big hit at the Knox Party Pacifica festival and Zefirah caught the attention of a photographer from the local news.

Melbourne Leader - February 2006

The summer series workshops got a big front cover for Febs Melbourne Leader. As you can tell it got a bit hot at times.

Melbourne Times - June 2004

Review of The Secret Cabaret at Wesley shucks, guys!

melb times review 6-04 small.jpg (121193 bytes)
Northcote Leader - June 2004

The Circus Hits Town! The Secret Cabaret launches it's winter residency at Wesley Anne, Northcote.

small boo, djinn and vulgus article, tsc 6-04.jpg (72199 bytes)
Herald Sun - May 2004

FIRE was the theme of this article and the Herald Sun covered our 7 year history with a front page shot of Vyvyan and a huge 2 page spread. Some amazing photos where achieved as you can see, and showed FireWorks in all it's fiery glory.

herald sun spread 04.jpg (546321 bytes)     vyvyan herald sun front page.jpg (146978 bytes)

Photos: David Caird

Melbourne Times - April 2004

The Melbourne Times came down one Sunday to our studio to see what we were up to in our workshops. After avoiding fire balls & sharp knives the reporter made it back to the office alive with this story.

melb 1.jpg (109682 bytes)
MX - Fireworks workshops March 2004

The NGV never looked so good when the crew wandered down to do some pics for MX. Promoting our winter series workshops, MX captured this amazing pic & great fire ball.

mx april 04 1.jpg (146497 bytes)
MX - Fireworks workshops February 2004

 Fitness with fun was the pitch about our workshops from MX, and didn't the phone run hot. Seems everyone wants  get off the tread mill and spin some fire.

MX- workshops 04.jpg (152437 bytes)
Werribee Times - October 2003

Ever heard of a fire breathing art teacher? Vyvyan in school teacher mode with the kids from Cirkus Bizerkus.

Northcote Leader - October 2003

Neda and Vyvyan took Northcote's Mayor for a stroll down sideshow alley as part of the Merri Creek Celebrations.

The Age -The Secret Cabaret, July 2003

A glowing review from The Age's Cabaret writer, Lily Bragg, when she came to see us at The Kitten Club.

the age TSC 03 small.jpg (143347 bytes)
MX- The Secret Cabaret, July 2003

The press just lapped up The Secret Cabaret when it made it's full crew debut at The Lido.

mx pic tsc.jpg (210514 bytes)
Port Phillip Leader - The Secret Cabaret, July 2003

The Pt. Phillip Leader got in on the hype and covered The Secret Cabaret. They just love their local pyro's.

pt phillip leader TSC 03 small.jpg (132108 bytes)
MX - CAE season launch, March 2003

Vyvyan got to fire eat and breathe in the cafes of Melbourne's laneways this time. The waitresses involved in the shots that were not printed deserve a medal for bravery, as they stood armed with just a tray and a carafe beneath Vyvyan's thermonuclear explosions.

vyvyan eats mx.jpg (67343 bytes)
MX - CAE season launch, January 2003

BooSparkle scared the crap out of the city's lunch-hour pigeons  while on a photo shoot for the launch of the CAE's Summer Arts Festival.  She was also there to promote her new workshop series at the CAE.

kerri cae fireb boosparkle0002.jpg (230929 bytes)
The Age: Good Weekend- September 2002

Djinn added a new type of eating disorder to medical records as he recounted to The Age what he had recently eaten, for the 'What I Ate Yesterday' columnist.

sunday life oct 01.jpg (117955 bytes)
Herald Sun - January 2002

FireWorks was embroiled in a 'red tape' fiasco over a fire ban by the Melbourne City Council's New Years Eve celebrations. The interview was taken out of context and was a good lesson in the traps of media manipulation.

sun_nye_1.jpg (171518 bytes)
MX - Athletics Australia 2002 season launch, December 2001

The stars of track and field were out for the first of many media outings throughout 2002. Some of the stars at the launch included Cathy Freeman, Tatiana Gregoriava, Lauren Hewitt and Tim Forsyth (pictured right).

mx2.jpg (316934 bytes)
Whitehorse Gazette - February 2001

Aradia hit the front page of the paper and made it a memorable one for her readers. Back then, Belly dance was beginning its revival in Western culture and today Aradia is still at the forefront.

News2.jpg (210991 bytes)    News1.jpg (397183 bytes)
Port Phillip Leader - January 2001

That crazy Bayside paper was at it again- perhaps they are closet-pyros! But who can complain about a cover like this!

jan_2001_port_phillip.jpg (84758 bytes)     pg_7_jan2001_port_phillip.jpg (76822 bytes)
MSO - April 2000

MSO got in on the act and covered one of FireWork's residency gigs at The Market,  one of Melbourne's most  popular gay nightclubs.

Emerald Hill Times - April 2000

EHT was taken buy the fiery hype that we were creating in St. Kilda and did this great article on us. What a front cover!

Techno Renegade Magazine - April 2000

The worlds of Doof and pyromania collided when the dance scene bible TRM caught up with FireWorks for a chat.

trm article small.jpg (172754 bytes)   
KissFM Subscribers Magazine - 2000

Some of Melbourne's leading pyros told all to Jo Vraca about their obsessions. Although not adequately funded or respected by rave organizers, fire performance enjoys huge popularity in dance culture.

press.2.jpg (18069 bytes)    press.4.jpg (13509 bytes)    go_mag_pg2.gif (127676 bytes)
Port Phillip Leader - November 1999

The Leader developed a taste for fire very early on.

chris_port_phillip.jpg (168274 bytes)
Port Phillip Leader - 1998

When The Leader found us they went all out with a spread that no one could miss.

leaderk.JPG (17049 bytes)
Farrago (Melbourne University Student Magazine) 1998

Melbourne Uni's Farrago investigated the FireWorks phenomenon not long after it started.


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