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Sultry and innovative fire troupe in N.Y. State, USA


Thanks for the wonderful pics.

The Australia government has agreed to commit .7% of GDP to world aid by 2015. At present, Australia isn't even in the ball park to reach those commitments so let Canberra know you'll hold them to their promises if they don't.


The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is responsible for the Kyoto Protocol. The USA are the only countries resisting the inevitable, so check the facts for yourself and then tell your local member to sign up. This is the most detailed and consensus driven study on the effects of climate change and all climate sceptics should look at it before espousing flat out lies and untruths on something they know very little about.

The real action is in parliament and quite simply....if your not in denial on climate change, that logging forests is a cancer on the earths lungs, or of losing your aussie rights and voice....get behind the Greens.

Saving the global environment happens on 3 levels. The first is at the front line and The Wilderness Society are out there serving as natures soldiers. Get behind the troops at the front line of climate change by showing your support.

From ramming Japanese whaling ships to fighting the Canadian government over baby seal clubbing, Sea Shepherd Society is a front line organization that takes on the criminals at the scene of the crime. Get behind them.

Along with the Wilderness Society, Greenpeace is out there around the world saving the planet from the scourge of corporations and governments worldwide.

Help protect fauna habitat by getting behind Steve Irwin and becoming a Wildlife Warrior.


The ACF plays the vital second tier role of  influencing national policy and direction on conservation. Visit their site and see what advice the government is currently rejecting and how your voice can change that.


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